The Magic of a Snowy Winter Maternity Photo Shoot

Client Experience
Are you pregnant and due in the winter/spring? Don't let the cold control your life, take those maternity photos anyways!

Maternity photo shoots are so important. Being pregnant is such a short period of your life but it's oh so amazing and exciting. The best way to celebrate and remember this season you are in is to capture it with a maternity photo shoot!

Whether this pregnancy is your first child or your fifth, it's special all the same. Maternity photo shoots can involve just you or your whole family. It's your pregnancy and you get to call the shots. If you'd just like some solo portraits, book that session. If you'd like to involve your husband and children, the more the merrier.

In my years of experience, the best time to schedule your maternity photoshoot is when you are 30-32 weeks pregnant. If this happens to be in the winter months for you, you're in luck because your maternity photo shoot can involve snow! I have found that this timing is the sweet spot for most women. You want to be nice and round for your photos, but also comfortable. After 4 years of experience I have learned that the majority of women aren't showing as much as they would prefer before 30 weeks which is why I suggest scheduling at or after 30 weeks. I have also learned that the majority of women start to swell and become uncomfortable after 32 weeks. The last thing that I want is for you to be uncomfortable or worse, not even feel like yourself because of swelling. This is why 30-32 weeks is the perfect timing for most women.

Now it's time to find a pregnancy photographer near you. Did you know that a lot of photographer don't offer outdoor photos in the winter? Though the winter is obviously much colder, it's just as beautiful as the rest of the year, especially if you know the right locations. Location scouting is a huge part of being a successful photographer. I have an extensive location guide for you to choose from full of great winter locations that you will receive after booking. Most of the locations are included in your session fee but a few locations have an additional travel fee and there are a few that have fees to take photos there. Lighting, background, distractions, seasons and the direction of the sun all play a role when choosing the correct location for your session. I want to deliver to you dreamy and professional photos that you can cherish forever and in order to do so, we will need to have your session at one of the locations on my location guide.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, what makes a location beautiful in the winter? Your opinion plays a huge role in what you find beautiful but what I find beautiful in the winter is the things that are unchanging. For example: barns, evergreen trees, downtowns, tall tan grasses and lakes. All of the locations on my winter location guide have at least one of those features. I have put in the time to find these places for you, but I want you to decide what location we go to for you maternity photo shoot. Your photos should have a personal touch and choosing the location yourself will help me capture your style.

It's winter, so you may want snow in your photos. The first thing that you should know it, I cannot control the weather. You're shocked, I know. If I could, it would snow all winter because I find it so dreamy. If you really want snow photos, we have a few options. I highly suggest booking your maternity photo shoot a few months in advance because my calendar can fill up quickly. Book your session at close to 32 weeks as you can, this will be our back up option. When you are booking, please let me know what you'd like your session with snow if possible. This way, if it snows before your session, I can reach out to you are see if you are available and we can reschedule your session for when it snows! I do not recommend waiting after 32 weeks because you may be too uncomfortable or swollen to want to take your photos.

Of course there is always a chance that Michigan weather will act up and it will not snow for you. In this case, don't fret. This is one of the reasons why I search so long and hard to find locations for a winter maternity photo shoot that is beautiful no matter the weather. Though we are all praying for snow, I promise to create dreamy pregnancy photos with you whether the weather cooperates or not!

It's important to find a pregnancy photographer near you who has experience and who is willing to take photos in the snow. As I mentioned earlier, not all photographers take outdoor portraits throughout the winter, but I do. I have all wheel drive, snow boots and I love a good snow day! I cannot wait to create magical winter maternity photos with you!

You've made the decision to take outdoor maternity photos in the winter but this doesn't mean that you want to walk a mile in the snow to get there. I get it, neither do I! All of the spots on my winter location guide are relatively close to the parking lot. Some are only 10 feet away from the closest parking spot, can you believe it? The farthest walk is at Stoney Creek and even this is only 200 yards. If you do however choose a location with a little walk, please feel free to bring a large blanket or jacket to cuddle up in for the walk.

Lastly, let's talk about what to wear to your winter maternity photo shoot. The most important advice I can give you is to wear something you're comfortable and confident in. Confidence looks great on everyone and comfort is so important when you're pregnant. I recommend buying a few dresses to try on so you can find the one that feels most like you. You want an outfit that fits you well and makes you feel good. To create maternity photos that are full of love and emotion it's important to choose outfits that let you move, play, and love on each other. Wearing a suit or a tight dress will not only hinder your movement but also portray you as tight and uncomfortable. A maternity session with me will involve a lot of movement and play with your children(if you are bringing any) and it's critical that you choose outfits that allow you to do so.

When it comes to patterns, it's best to stay away from them because they are oftentimes just too busy. Textures however are very nice! Patterns tend to steal your attention away from the subject where texture enhance the photo. In the winter, a textured sweater, dress, or jacket will add nice depth to your photos. Layering a cute jacket (sherpa, shackets, cardigans) is also a great way to add texture to your outfit and keep you warm! Layering is a great way to incorporate depth and textures and to also dress up a seemingly normal outfit.

While it is a difficult task to incorporate a pattern into your outfits there is a correct way to do it. If you'd like to add patterns I suggest a few things...

  1. Stick to the rules of one person wearing a pattern per 4 people.
  2. Do not match patterns. Like stated earlier, your family should never match, instead their outfits should compliment each other.
  3. Choose small patterns vs large prints. For example, a dress with lots of little flowers vs a dress with three large flowers. The exception to this is buffalo plaid and stripes. Large checkers and stripes are better than small.
  4. Choose a pattern with minimal color variances. A cream dress with beige flowers vs a cream dress with rainbow flowers.
  5. Some patterns like small stripes and checkers create moire which is very distracting in a photo.

Just remember, the more "busy" your outfits are, the more distracted the viewer is. Your maternity photos are about focusing on you, not your clothes.

For a timeless look for your maternity photo shoot, I recommend you wear neutral colors (shades of beige, brown, and cream.) If you'd like to wear colors, pastels and muted tones look the best. A lot of women like to wear shades of pink if they are expected a girl and shade of blue if the are expecting a boy. If you're like me and like to play it safe, neutrals and earth tones are generally the best colors you can choose. If you are more expressive with your wardrobe, I highly recommend pastels, muted, or dusty colors. Bold, bright, and neon colors do not photograph well, I highly suggest avoiding them. Remember to pair the colors you choose with neutrals like cream and beige. If it's a chilly day, consider wearing a cute scarf or a fun hat to accessorize. In the colder months you should always wear a warm base layer under your cute outfit and add layers with a nice jacket!

I want you to express yourself while also choosing something flattering, complimentary, and not too busy. My favorite winter look for women is a sweater dress/a large flowy linen dress with a jacket to layer on top. For men, the best look is a nice sweater with jeans/khakis. The same applies to children. It's best to layer them up nice and warm (with a good base layer under) and add nice layers to their outfits for texture and warmth. Remember that your outfits should include a lot of neutral colors (if not all neutral) so that they are timeless and not too busy.

I hope you found this guide helpful to find a pregnancy photographer near you who you can have a dreamy, snowy maternity photo shoot with. Me!

I can't wait to meet you!


pregnant woman in a red dress holding her stomach and smiling for a photo in the snow and evergreen trees in troy
pregnant couple dressed in pink and green holding their belly and laughing together at Sheldon estates
pregnant couple holding her belly and smiling at the camera for a photo at firefighters park in troy
pregnant woman holding her stomach in a forest of snow
pregnant couple hugging each other in the snow at firefighters park in troy while he kisses her head
pregnant couple walking together and laughing through the evergreen trees at Sheldon estate