A mentorship with Becks

Hi friend! I'm glad you're here. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Harrington. I started my photography journey in 2014 at 18 years old. After years of practice I realized that I wanted to make this my career. At the time, I was in college for business and graduated with an associates degree in business management. In 2019 I went back to college for photography and started my business, Becks Photography. After 4 long years of hard work this is now my full time job.

With my education in business, my strengths include: marketing, and client relations. If you are a great creative but struggle with booking clients, finishing sales and keeping lasting client relationships, this mentorship is for you.

So, what will our mentorship look like? Personalized and hands on business planning. We will meet at a Rochester coffee shop (if local) and discuss your current business and changes that you can implement. This will most likely mean revamping your website, creating an online presence on and off of social media, and how to properly handle clients and leads.

I took a hobby and made it full time, so can you. I moved to Michigan in 2021 with 0 clients and in just 2 years I created a full time job for myself. Let me teach you how.

Not local? I'd love to help you via video chat or phone call!

I cannot wait to mentor you as you learn more about business, marketing, and photography!

photographer and mentor sitting at a desk with her computer and camera



This includes 90 minutes of in person(if local), hands on, personalized business planning.

Come prepared with questions, your laptop, and a notebook, while we go over your current business plan and revamp it with new ideas that align with professional marketing techniques.

Your first session also includes 2 professional headshots (if local)

Ready for more details?

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“Rebecca is an excellent mentor and I loved our mentorship. She really helped with bringing new ideas to my head and being creative while making sure everything looked right. She helps you with step to step thinking and will guide you through everything. She not only helps you think out of the box but will help guide you to make your imaginations come to life. I had a lot of fun and I really appreciate her!”

—Danielle Waymaster Photography