Frequently Asked Questions


Do you edit your photos?

The images you receive after your session will be fully edited and retouched. This means that I correct the lighting and small blemishes with the price of your session. I edit photos with a warm, true to life vision.

Please reach out before the session if there are any editing concerns to be aware of. For example: pimples, scratches, birth marks, bruises, etc.

More advanced editing such as hair coloring and flyaways, clothing wrinkles, large clothing stains, excessive animal hair, clothing repair, changing of body image and teeth brushing will not be included in your session fee but can most likely be repaired if requested for an additional $10 per photo.

Please come to your session prepared for professional photos. Iron your clothes, brush your teeth, use a lint roller, etc. I capture authentic moments and lightly edit them.

When will we get our photos back?

Returning your photos fully edited in a timely manner is my top priority. Typically, you will receive your photos within 2 weeks but this cannot be guaranteed. In October and November it can take me up to 3 weeks to edit your session.

Clients receive full resolution digital photos in an online gallery that will be emailed to you after they are edited. These photos can be downloaded by anyone with the PIN and printed/shared anywhere. There will also be an option to buy prints in your digital gallery.

What if if rains during my session?

If it is raining or extremely windy during your session we can reschedule to a time that works for the both of us. I will check the weather a few hours before your session, if there is a 30% chance of rain or more I will offer a reschedule. If there is less than 30% chance of rain, we will continue with the session and hope for no rain! If it rains during your session, we can play in the rain with umbrellas and stomp in puddles, or if that's not your style, then we can reschedule! If you're lucky enough to have snow during your scheduled session then we will proceed with your photos! Due to frequent weather changes, Becks Photography will make the final call on rescheduling the day of your session. Your outdoor session cannot be transferred to an indoor or in home session.

What should we wear to our session?

After booking a session I am available to help you decide what to wear for your session. I provide every client with a detailed style guide helping you choose what to wear.

What you wear to your session is SO important. Once you've booked your session you will receive a style guide. Please read over my style guide carefully and reach out if you need help.

Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy

Please read your contract upon booking and refer to it for my cancelation and rescheduling policy.

Why can I only book an outdoor session around sunrise and sunset?

In photography, proper lighting is one of the most important aspects of making an ok photo, great. At Becks Photography, I always strive for greatness. Proper lighting is best achieved when the sun just rose, or is setting soon. This is why I only offer my outdoor sessions around sunrise or sunset.

In the summer, this often means that the session times that I offer are your kids bedtime. I understand that can be nerve wracking to you but I have typically found that children do well with sunset sessions. They are excited to stay up and do something different and the majority of my family session aren't "posed photos" where your child has to sit still and smile, but more so playing games and enjoying family time while I capture true emotions.

If the timing is inconvenient for you, consider booking an in-home photoshoot(not available for extended families or seniors) or booking an outdoor session during a different time of year. For example, in the summer the sun sets around 9pm but in the fall the sun sets around 6/7pm.

How do you choose which images we receive?

After our session together I carefully look through each image from the session and choose the best ones to edit and return to you. Many factors play a role in choosing the best photos. The lighting, clarity, movement, poses and facial expressions all play a role in my decision making. I promise to carefully choose and deliver the best images back to you.

How do we pick a location?

Location scouting is a huge part of being a successful photographer. I have an extensive location guide for you to choose from that you will receive after booking. Most of the locations are included in your session fee but a few locations have an additional travel fee and there are a few that have fees to take photos there. Please choose from the guide as they are spots that I am confident with the lighting and know the best spots for photos. Occasionally I will receive requests to come to a clients yard or a park by their house that they love. Although this location may be beautiful, it may not be the best location for a photo shoot. As a professional photographer, it's important for me to spend time at a location during sunrise and sunset before having a paid session there. Lighting, background, distractions, and the direction of the sun all play a role when choosing the correct location for your session. I want to deliver to you dreamy and professional photos that you can cherish forever and in order to do so, we will need to have your session at one of the locations on my location guide.

How will we change outfits during our session?

Some of my packages include an outfit change. Some locations that I offer have public restrooms but if not, I will bring a changing tent to your session so you can change easily anywhere.

When is the best time to book fall photos?

As we all know, autumn colors are beautiful! The last 2 years Michigan experienced the colors of fall from September 27-November 12th. October 6-30th is when there are typically more colorful trees than green trees with October 13-26th being the absolute prime time.

I book up to 6 months in advance so it's important to book your fall photos ASAP as the prime times fill up quickly!


Which package should I book?

When choosing which session to book, choose based on how many photos you want to receive and if you'd like to change outfits or locations.

A full session is best for most families. If you would like to have 2 outfits or locations or if you are bringing grandparents, aunts, or cousins, consider an extended session.

Do you offer extended family photos?

I do, and at no additional cost! I offer extended family photos at outdoor locations, unfortunately there is not enough room for me to capture your family in your home. They can get a little hectic but as long as everyone is patient we will capture some truly great moments!

I highly recommend booking the extended package.

What if my child doesn't want to participate?

I try my best to capture both posed and candid photos during your photoshoot.

The first 5-10 minutes of your session is when I try to capture the "smiling and looking at the camera" photos. I almost always have success with this, if I do it at the beginning of the session.

Then, for the remainder of your family session I will be prompting you to play, love on, and move with your children to capture truly candid photos. These prompts are very child-led and are fun!

Even if your child is super shy or won't sit still for a minute, we will capture fun and child-led candids that they will want to be involved in!


What package should I book?

When choosing which session to book, choose based on how many photos you want to receive and if you'd like to change outfits or locations.

If you are ok with 1 outfit and location, a full session is best for you. If you would like to change outfits or locations then book an extended session. If you have a family and would like some maternity photos with your children and some without, consider an extended session.

When should I book my maternity session?

After 5 years in the business, I have learned that 30-32 weeks gestation is the sweet spot. You are nice and round but not yet swollen and uncomfortable. Please keep in mind that it typically takes about 2 weeks for me to edit the photos and return them back to you.

My sessions book quickly so I also recommend booking your session 2-4 months in advance to ensure the date that you want.


When should I book a newborn session?

It's best to take your newborn photos within the first 3 weeks of birth. If you're booking before you give birth (which I highly recommend) book your session 2 weeks after your due date. If the baby is early or late, contact me and we can reschedule the session to an earlier date. You can book a session up to 6 months in advance.

What package should I book?

This all depends on how many photos you would like and how many wraps/outfits you'd like photos of your newborn in.

What type of newborn photos do you offer?

I offer in-home lifestyle newborn photos. This means that I come to your home and capture your new addition surrounded by your family and home. We take most of the photos in your living room and nursery and the baby will be held for the majority of the photos. I will also take some wrapped and posed newborn portraits as well. I provide swaddles, props, and newborn outfits. Traditional newborn portraits need to take place when your baby is under 21 days old. If you'd like to wait longer, we will focus on lifestyle portraits and your newborn will not be wrapped/swaddled.

On my pricing page, I have 2 options under in home session depending on how many images you’d like to receive!

Did I wait too long to book newborn photos?

You may have heard that newborn photos need to happen when your child is under 3 weeks old. While this is true for wrapped, posed newborn portraits, we can still create magical photos of your newborn and family after that 3 week period, we will just gear your session towards lifestyle newborn photos.

Can parents and siblings be in newborn photos too?

Yes, of course! A newborn session will include a mix of newborn portraits, family, parent, and sibling photos all with your new addition.

In-home, outdoor, or studio newborn photos?

This is completely up to you, but almost all clients opt for in-home newborn photos. In-home photos are so personal and intimate. Not only are we capturing your baby, surrounded by family but in the house they will be raised in. If you have other children, using your home is a safe space for them in a new situation. They can come in and out of photos as they please. If you are not comfortable using your home, the outdoors or renting a studio are both options as well.

What if our home isn't "perfect"?

Whether your home is small, cluttered, low light or all of the above, that's ok! I'm not here to judge you and I'm prepared to take amazing photos in any given space. I mean- is anyones home perfect? Using your home is comfortable, convenient, and personal and that's the most important thing.


What package should I book?

When choosing which session to book, choose based on how many photos you want to receive and if you'd like to change outfits or locations.

Seniors love a variety of outfits and locations. Book a mini, full, or extended session based on how many outfits and locations you want.


What package should I book?

When choosing which session to book, choose based on how many photos you want to receive and if you'd like to change outfits or locations.

If you are ok with 1 outfit and location, a full session is best for you. If you would like to change outfits or locations then book an extended session!