What to Wear to Your Senior Photo Shoot

Choosing what to wear to your photo shoot can be hard! But don't stress it; I'm here to help. I created this style guide to help you decide what to wear to your senior photos with Becks Photography. 

Be Comfortable and Confident in Your Photo Shoot Outfit

The most important advice I can give you is to wear something you're comfortable and confident in. Confidence looks great on everyone! 

Most seniors book longer session so they can change outfits and locations. For example, for my own senior photos I started in a dress in a field then switched to my favorite jeans and shirt for photos in town, then ended in my volleyball jersey and jeans at a barn. You have multiple different hobbies, interest, and personalities, it's time to capture them all through your senior photos!

Senior photos are all about expressing yourself so you want to pick an outfit that you love. Consider these things...

  1. What casual outfit do you wear often that expresses who you are?
  2. What's your favorite "dress up" outfit, something you wear for a nice dinner or church that makes you feel great?
  3. Are you involved in any sports or clubs that you'd like to capture? Or would you like to bring pet?

choosing your outfits

casual outfit

Your casual outfit should express who you are! Think about what your favorite outfit is to wear to the mall or bowling with friends. Think about who you are, are you a country boy or a city girl? Are you really into the Tigers or absolutely love fall because you can wear your big comfy sweater?

When choosing a casual outfit of your senior photos there are some things to consider.

  • Tight fitting clothing photographs better then loosely fitted clothes
  • Choose an outfit that will coordinate with your location
  • Use your outfit and location to express who you are

Here are some examples of casual senior outfits:

teenage girl in white jeans and a black top posing for a photo
high school senior girl posing in jeans and a flowered shirt
teenage boy in a Detroit jacket walking in downtown Detroit
teenage girl sitting downtown in brown pants and a grey shirt
teenage girl downtown Rochester in a sublime shirt and ripped jeans
teenage girl with a sweater and white tank top posing for a photo
teenage boy in a blue shirt and white shorts posing for a photo

Dressy Outfit

When choosing a nice outfit of your senior photos there are some things to consider

  • Flowy dresses are fun will add a whimsical mood to your photos
  • Consider wearing a jacket if its fall or spring
  • Wearing a suit will give your senior photos a professional look
  • Avoid skinny heals if you choose a location in nature


teenage boy in all black outfit leans against parking garage ramp in detroit with his hands in his pocket
teenage girl in a long white dress twirling it around in autumn
teenage girl in a brown long sleeve and a maroon dress posing for a photo
teenage girl in an all black outfit leaning against a fence
teenage boy buttoning his suit jacket in downtown Rochester
teenage girl in a brown dress twirling it in front of a lake
high school senior girl standing in the creek in a white dress
teenage girl in a white shirt and skirt with a white fur jacket on

Sports and hobbies

Has a sport or hobby consumed your childhood? Let's make your senior photos personalized by capturing your personality!

Here are some ideas:

  • If you play an instrument? Bring it with you
  • Really into cars? Bring it as a prop
  • Love reading? Bring along your favorite books
  • Love to fish or boat? Let's have your session on the water
  • Wear your sports uniform with jeans and bring a ball or pom poms
  • Wear your varsity jacket
  • If you love your pet, let me know and we can pick a location that allows you to bring them

Here are some examples of sports/hobbies outfit:

teenage boy posing at a football stadium with a football
teenage girl holding her violin for a photo
teenage boy posing in front of his car in his varsity jacket
teenage girl posing with pom poms for a dance team senior photo
teenage girl playing her violin for a photo

This one's for the girls

First things first, please make sure that you are wearing the correct undergarmets for your outfits. I suggest nude colors and strapless if necessary. I cannot edit out straps and lines so please plan accordingly. On to the fun stuff, let's talk about your hair and make-up! Again, the best advice I can give you is to be you, and be comfortable. Now I'm not talking about laying on your couch after a long day comfortable, I'm talking about so confident that you're radiating, comfortable! Think about what how you'd do your hair and make up to attend a wedding, go to a Christmas dinner, or homecoming . You want to look your best but it's not the day to try a new hairstyle or make up trend. Some tips for hair and make up...

  • natural colored and looking make up looks best
  • typically women look best with their hair down
  • less is more
  • don't forget to paint your nails or remove your chipped nail polish
  • wear the proper undergarments so they are hidden in your photos

Some seniors, like myself in circa 2013, choose to book 2 or 3 separate photo shoot on different days so that they can wear their hair and make up differently. I had spring photos with wavy hair, summer photos with straight hair, and fall photos with curly hair!


  • If you wear glasses, there may be a glare, especially if they are not the anti-glare glass
  • Iron or steam your clothes
  • Remember to brush your teeth
  • Put on the nice jewelry. Remove your everyday Apple Watch and rubber ring and put on your nice watch and gold wedding ring
  • Remove everything from your pockets
  • Do not wear a hair tie on your wrist before your session

If you have any questions or concerns about what to wear to your senior photos, please reach out, I'd love to chat with you about it!