Lylas In Home Newborn Photoshoot

Photo shoots
Searching for a maternity and newborn photographer

Expecting a baby soon, Dan and Kelsey were searching for both a maternity and newborn photographer. It's not easy to find the right photographer that you can trust with a photoshoot so precious. I am so glad that they found me on Thumbtack and reached out. I am located in Rochester Hills and my in-home sessions include travel up to 20 miles from me for free. Thankfully their home is in Oakland County so it was no problem for me to come to their home.

Booking the sessions

Kelsey and Dan wanted to book both maternity and newborn photos with me. I suggest booking maternity photos around 30-32 week and newborn photos when your baby is under 3 weeks old. They decided to book their outdoor maternity photos in early October and choose Bear Creek Nature Park which is absolutely beautiful in the fall. They also booked they newborn session 2 weeks after their due date. When you book an in home newborn session with Becks Photography, I encourage you to reschedule if necessary and keep me in the loop if you deliver early or late!

Maternity photoshoot

Dan and Kelsey had the dreamiest October maternity session at Bear Creek. The leafs were just starting to change, the weather was gloomy and moody and the vibes were a mixture of fun and serious. It was so nice to meet Dan and Kelsey before their in home sessions and capture their maternity photos. Maternity photos are so important because they help you celebrate and capture this beautiful season that you are in.

Staying home

With a new baby, it was so important to the new parents to find a photographer that would come to their home. An in home newborn photoshoot is so intimate and personal, capturing your little one in the home they will be raised in. Not to mention, it's not easy to pack up and make a trip to a studio a few days after giving birth which is why I proudly offer in home newborn photos. It is at the top of my list that you are comfortable. In my 4 years of experience, I have learned that in home sessions are the most comfortable option for you and your newborn.

Prepping for their newborn photoshoot

Once Dan and Kelsey found the perfect Oakland county maternity and newborn photographer (yours truly) she messaged me to discuss details and book their photoshoots. Once they booked, I sent over their session guides. I made their guides to help my clients with the stresses of an upcoming photoshoot. The maternity guide helped Dan and Kelsey choose a location and outfits for their session. The newborn photoshoot guide helped them decide what to wear, what rooms in their house to use and how to prep their home for their newborn photoshoot. Meanwhile, I am busy prepping my newborn outfits and wraps. My number one priority is the health and safety of your newborn. I promise to wash my outfits and wraps between newborn photoshoots and to reschedule if I'm feeling under the weather.

Getting the house ready

Since this is an in home photoshoot, it's critical that you get your house ready for photos, but don't worry, you only need to prepare a room or two. On the day of my arrival, I ask that you open all the blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. I also asked Dan and Kelsey to tidy up the rooms they were planning on using for photos. This allows me to create the best photos possible. If you do not have anyone to help with this task and are overwhelmed with a new baby I am more than happy to arrive 15 minutes early to help you get your home ready for our session.

My arrival

First and foremost, a great newborn photographer always arrives on time. Once I arrived, I carried in my props, wraps, gear, and flashes. They gave me a short tour and I decided to set up one flash in the sun room. This is a beautiful but tiring time for parents. I always make sure not to make it harder than it has to be by carrying and setting up all of my own gear. It is my pleasure to serve you in this way.

The session

Lyla's first photoshoot went so smoothly. Once I got her wrapped up in a pink wrap she calmed down and fell asleep. I took photos of her and the whole family. Lyla is so blessed to be entering this beautiful family. He was held by his dad and mom and loved on by everyone! Throughout his newborn photoshoot I was able to get both posed and candid photos of Lyla with her family, as well as a few photos of her all alone. We also took a few photos in her brand new nursery as well.

Clean up

Again, a great newborn photographer will leave your home better than when they arrived. Once I cleared out my gear, I helped to put the sun room back together. Not only was their home just as beautiful as when I arrived, but it was filled with love and joy from all of the cuddles and love they just shared.

Waiting for your newborn photos

After the session, I went home and uploaded the photos onto my computer and hard drive. I was able to quickly scroll through the album and send Kelsey a text telling her how wonderful they turned out and gave her a projected date for returning them. December is a busy month for me but I was still sure I would be able to edit the album for them in the next 2 weeks. She told me how excited they were to see their in home photos and honestly, I was just as excited as them to edit them!

Delivering the album

I know how it feels to wait in anxious expectation for your photos to arrive and I cannot imagine how much that increases when you want to announce your new baby. As a newborn photographer I highly prioritize 3 things: health and safety, comfort, and a quick gallery delivery. I was able to edit Lyla's photos in 12 days and send them over to Dan and Kelsey. When I send your newborn photos, you are able to download the photos in high resolution and keep them forever.

Sharing with friends and family

The BEST thing about an in home newborn photoshoot is that you are able to share the love, joy, and emotion of your new arrival with friends and family around the entire globe. Though there are miles and miles between them and their friends and family, they can easily share these photos with them. Dan and Kelsey can simply forward the email to anyone they wish to be able to download the photos and they can also download and print the images. This is great for grandparents, aunts and uncles who may want prints of their new family member while taking the stress and precious of this task off of the new parents.

Printing your newborn photos

I have found that printing photos from your newborn photoshoot is something that is so easy to procrastinate. As a newborn photographer I want more than anything for Dan and Kelsey to fill their home with photos from our session. That is why I have made it so easy for them to print their photos. I have an online print lab attached to your album. It's simple and quick for them to choose their favorite photos and have them delivered to their home. It's not easy to get out of the house with a newborn which it why I have made it so that you don't have to.

I can only hope that Dan and Kelsey add another little blessing to their family so that I am able to have another in home newborn photoshoot with them!

Love, Becks!

mom holding her newborn and her dad holding her foot
mom holding her newborn girl while the new parents smile at her
new mom kissing her newborn baby girl wrapped in a pink wrap
new dad holding his newborn baby girl while mom gives her baby a kiss
newborn baby girl wrapped up in a pink wrap and sitting in a basket
mom and dad holding their new baby wrapped in a green blanket in her nursery
mom holding her newborn baby in her new nursery in their home
mom holding her new baby in her nursery
newborn baby girl wrapped in a blue wrap and laying on a fuzzy blanket