A Quick and Beautiful Outdoor Winter Family Photoshoot

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As a professional photographer, I have noticed that most families stop having professional photos taken when their kids are over a certain age. Why is that? Maybe you don't have as much time on your hands with sports, clubs and school? Maybe you're worried that your kids won't be interested or it'll take too long? Or maybe you just don't think it's worth your time and money? I'm here to tell you that you should never stop taking photos. I pride myself in making outdoor family photoshoots a fun and quick experience for everyone involved. I'm so glad that the Jurus family decided to finally update their family photos this winter!

For most of us, winter is the time of year that we get a little break from all of the chaos. Sports, clubs, and activities die down as the weather gets colder, giving you a little more time on your hands! You finally have time to update your family photos. An outdoor family photoshoot, sounds cold! Well yes, it may be a little chilly but, it's also a great excuse to bundle up and get cuddly with your family or better yet, play in a field covered in fress fallen snow.

I offer three different package options for outdoor winter photoshoots. I offer a mini, full, and extended option. What in the world does that mean? Let me break it down for you. In short, my extended option is 45-60 minutes, 2 locations, 2 outfits and 40-50 images. My full option is 30-45 minutes, 1 location, 1 outfit and 20-25 images. My mini option is 10-15 minutes, 1 outfit, 1 location and 10 images. It really all depends on four things: how many images you want, how many outfits you'd like to wear, how many different locations you'd like, and how long you'd like to be out in the cold for! Of course, in the winter I recommend my mini or full session, it's the perfect amount of time outside and you receive some beautiful winter family photos. The Jurus family decided to go with my full option because they wanted more than 10 images, which I understand! If you want more information on my pricing, check out my pricing page.

A common misconception is that winter is ugly. Of course, a field of wildflowers or a large willow tree would be ugly in the winter but that doesn't mean that every location is. I have put in a lot of time, effort and driving into finding the most beautiful winter locations for a photoshoot in Metro Detroit. I have a list of 16+ options for you to choose from. Whether you love evergreen trees, fields, lakes, barns or downtowns, I have the perfect spot for you and your family. When the Jurus family booked with me, I emailed them my winter photoshoot location guide and they choose Douglas Evans Nature Preserve. It's a beautiful park with tan grasses, evergreen trees and a white barn. It's one of my favorite spots for winter family photos because of the variety.

One thing that helps my sessions run smoothly is my family photoshoot guide. Once the Jurus family booked their session with me I sent over my guide and a questionnaire. This guide is full of information like: what to expect, what to wear, location options, and how to prepare your family for a photoshoot. My guide is SO important to read, and read carefully. If you've booked an outdoor photoshoot this winter don't skip reading over my guide, it'll help our session to run smoothly and quickly. It's also important that you are detailed when you fill out your questionnaire. This helps me get to know your family better and prepare myself for your session.

One thing I started offering this year that has been super helpful for me and my clients is a free consult call. This is a totally optional call but it has been really helpful to my clients who have any questions or concerns at all. The Jurus family decided to take me up on the offer and we had a quick 5 minute chat about including their dog in some photos and outfits options for their session and I'm so glad that we had that conversation because their outfits were perfect for winter family photos.

Speaking of winter outfits, for a timeless look, I recommend you wear shades of beige, brown, and cream. If you'd like to wear colors, muted tones look the best. Shades of maroon and green always look nice. If you're like me and like to play it safe, neutrals and muted earth tones are generally the best colors you can choose. If you are more expressive with your wardrobe, I highly recommend pastels, muted, or dusty colors. Bold, bright, and neon colors do not photograph well, I highly suggest avoiding them.When it comes to patterns, it's best to stay away from them. Textures however are very nice! Patterns tend to steal your attention away from the subject where texture enhance the photo. A textured sweater, dress or jacket will add nice depth to your photos where patterns can be too busy. Overalls, sweaters, dresses, and jackets (sherpa, shackets, cardigans) are also a great way to add texture to your children's outfit. Layering is a great way to incorporate depth and textures and to also dress up a seemingly normal outfit.

If you'd like the prefect example of outfits for a winter photoshoot, just take a look at the Jurus family photos. The colors, patterns, textures and layers are perfect. They choose to incorporate brown and green with their neutrals (tan, beige and blue jeans). They did incorporate a pattern, which is hard to do but they nailed it. The pattern that they choose, perfectly matches the rest of the family and most importantly, doesn't distract your eye. They also incorporated textures and layers with the jackets, shackets, and vests, this is an easy task in the winter.

When it was finally time to meet for their session you will never believe what happened. As soon as they stepped out of their car, a bird pooped right on their sons back. After a slight panic I grabbed some baby wipes (which I always carry with me for reasons like this) we had a laugh about it while walking to the park. We started their winter family photos in front of the white barn, I always like to start off by taking a few "perfectly posed" photos while I have everyones attention. Then we took a few in front of some evergreen trees before heading to the tan grasses to finish the session! The whole session from start to finish took 27 minutes. Quick, easy, and fun which is important when the session involved two teenage boys.

The best thing about winter family photos, in my opinion, is the return time. Since the season is slower than summer or fall I can edit your photos much faster in the winter! I was able to return the photos to the Jurus family in just 7 days. To be full transparent with you, it was extremely rare that I was able to edit the photos in just 1 week. From July-December it typically takes me 2-3 weeks to edit your photos. January-June I can typically get them edited in under 2 weeks. I guess if you book just at the right time like the Jurus family, I can edit your photos in a week!

When I deliver your gallery I do so digitally. I upload the images to my website in a gallery for your family. From there, you can download your images in high resolution and you can also print your images, straight from my website. Downloading your images is simple, quick, and straightforward but of course, I'm always available to help you if you would like me to walk you through the process. Once your images have been downloaded, you can share and print the images however, wherever and whenever you'd like. I highly recommend storing these images on an external hard drive so they are backed up and protected. These images will be shared and loved for generations to come, it's important that you protect them. Like I mentioned, you can also print your images straight from my website. To be completely honest with you, it is on the more expensive side to use the print lab I recommend but it is completely worth it, the quality and colors remain true to the images that I give you. As a photographer, that it the only way I will print photos for my own home.

I hope that the Jurus family keeps this tradition of outdoor winter family photos. It would be my honor to capture their family year after year. I can only hope that you, yes you, reading this will also invite me into your life. To capture the fun, serious, silly and intimate moments of your family.

Love, Becks!

family with two teenage boys holding their dog and smiling for a photo in front of a white barn in Michigan
family of four smiling at each other while they hold their dog at a park in winter
couples posing for a photo with their dog in front of the white barn at Douglas Evans nature preserve
family of four wearing brown, green and tan smiling for a family photo in front of a barn at Douglas Evans
brothers standing next to each other with their arms around each other smiling for a photo
family of four with their arms around each other smiling at each other while their hold their dog
couple standing in front of an evergreen tree smiling for a winter photo
family of four wearing brown, green and tan smiling for a photo in a field of tan grasses
family of four with their arms around each other smiling and laughing at each other
family walking together hand in hand at Douglas Evans nature preserve in Beverly Hills Michigan