How to Create Magical and Whimsical In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Client Experience

So you've booked newborn photos with Becks Photography, how exciting! You have taken a great first step in capturing your new baby but we still have some things to consider, and I'm about to give you some great tips on what your next steps are!

What to Expect

Believe it or not, a newborn session with me is laid back and relaxed. Please feel free to turn on some light music and enjoy this time together. It's important to create a relaxing and peaceful environment. I come prepared with many poses for your session and walk you though them by telling and showing you how to do them but, I also want you express who you are. We will start with your "must have" images first and then go from there. To put you at ease, you should know that your sessions aren't riding on time. If you've book a "full" session I schedule 60 minutes, if you've booked an "extended" session I schedule 90 minutes. These times are generous and I can be flexible. I never want to push baby if they are uncomfortable or hungry. If baby starts to get upset, let's take the time to feed or cuddle them until they are ready to resume. Be ready to love on each other and relax!


When it comes to choosing an outfit for your newborn, don't stress! I have multiple newborn outfits and wraps that we can use for your session. If you have an outfit that you'd like your little one to be in, we can use it by all means, but if you don't have anything prepared, I've got you covered! I have multiple unisex outfits in grey, beige, and cream from an adorable boutique called Luna + Luca. Using the outfits and wraps that I provide are optional but I do highly recommend letting me wrap your newborn for a few photos. Wrapping your newborn is similar to swaddling them, they will feel nice and comfortable and typically fall asleep or are very calm for the remainder of our newborn photo session. The newborn wrap colors that I have are: beige, cream, grey, brown, orange, green, blue, purple and pink. All of the colors are pastels/muted tones.

I have been professionally trained to safely wrap and pose newborns in 3 popular wraps: huck finn, toes peeking, and potato. I also provide all equipment needed to safely pose your newborn for wrapped portraits. These wraps and poses can be done in the comfort of your home with a newborn under 21 days old.

If your baby arrives early or late, please reschedule your session free of cost.

newborn baby boy wrapped in an orange swaddle in a white box in his rochester home

huck finn

newborn baby boy wrapped in a white wrap in toes peeking by an Oakland county lifestyle photographer

toes peeking

newborn baby boy wrapped in a beige wrap in potato by an Oakland county lifestyle photographer



Next, we need to talk about what to wear for the rest of the family. Believe it or not, the outfits that you choose for your baby and your family have a huge impact on the mood and outcome of your photos. Choosing which outfits look best isn't easy but it's so important. If your dream is to create magical and whimsical family photos, consistent to the work you see on my website, follow these tips.

  • Creams and beiges and neutrals are timeless and photograph best
  • If you like colors, please wear pastels or muted tones
  • Consider the colors in your house and choose complementary colors
  • Avoid patterns but incorporate textures
  • Dress up but avoid anything too tight (give yourself grace, you just gave birth)
  • Moms, keep in mind that you may be a tad "bustier" than your normally are
  • Keep in mind that I ask you to keep your house warm, wear something cool
  • Remove apple watches, along with everything in your pockets

When it's time to pick out an outfit, please take the time to read my full style guide(<--click the link). I now offer customized style inspiration to help you choose outfits that flatter you, photograph well, and complement who you are! Let’s elevate your look to create photos that reflect who you are while also creating a stunning visual story. If you are interested in this fill out the form that I sent in your welcome email.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me and I'd be more than happy to help you choose the most magical outfit!

Getting your house ready

Please understand that you just gave birth so I do not want you to put a lot of pressure and stress on yourself to make your house look perfect. We can use any part of your house that you'd like but my advice is to choose a room or two and only tidy up those rooms. Most families want to use the nursery, some also like to include the living room or the master bedroom. This is completely up to you but I'll help you make the decision... what room in your house do you find the most joy in? What room have you decorated perfectly to fit your style, and you're happy with being in photos? What room is large enough to comfortably fit your family? Please reach out to me and let me know what rooms you've decided to use.

Oftentimes my clients have parents or in laws who are more than willing to help. Do not hesitate to ask them to come over the day of your session to help you tidy up the room(s) that you choose. Often, a quick vacuum, picking up toys and fluffing pillows is all that it takes to get your home ready for photos. If you don't have anyone to help you tidy up and it's overwhelming for you, please reach out to me I am more than willing to arrive 15 minutes early and help you tidy up.

Please reread these last minute tips before I arrive. After you tidy up the room or two that you have decided to use, the next step is to turn the heat up in the house so it's nice and cozy and your baby will be sleepy and comfortable. Open all of the blinds, we want as much natural light as possible. Lastly, turn on a sound machine or classical music. This will help your baby relax and stay asleep while we are working and moving about your house for the photo shoot.


I am a lifestyle photographer who loves to capture authentic moments and emotions. Arguably the most important tip I can give you is to be patient, and have a great attitude. Your baby(and other children) can sense stress, and if you are stressed, they will be stressed. When you are looking back at the newborn photos that we took together, do you want negative memories of being upset at your children or newborn for not sleeping or cooperating OR do you want joyful memories of cuddling your new baby up close and enjoying family time?

  • be patient with your baby and with me
  • remember that your role in this session is to have fun and soak in these precious moments
  • have an open mind when it come to poses and prompts that I use
  • don't be stressed, I promise you that I will be patient with your family
  • to respect my time, please no phones

  • talk to them about meeting me
  • tell I am coming to capture and celebrate their new sibling
  • prep them to listen well to my instructions
  • try to avoid bribery and instead explain to them that photos are a fun experience (because they will be!)

Oftentimes, children have a hard time adjusting to new siblings. This often means that they may "act out" when they normally wouldn't, that's ok. I promise that I will be patient and understand. Again, please do not stress over your other children being involved in these photos. We will try out best to capture photos of the whole family but ultimately this session is to celebrate your new addition.

I understand the season that you are in is hard and you are tired. I promise to be understanding and to help as much as I can. I also promise that I will reschedule if I am feeling under the weather at all and to wash my hands as soon as I arrive. I also wash all of my newborn wraps and outfits in between each session.


Now it's time for you to fill out your questionnaire! This is where I learn more about your family! I prep myself for every session that I have, and each time I prepare differently depending on your answers. It's so important that you are descriptive when answering the questions.

I cannot wait for our session together!

If you follow this guide, I can assure you that we are going to create truly magical and whimsical newborn photos!

Have questions before booking?

Please fill out this contact form with all the questions that you have and I will reach out to you as soon as I can to answer your questions!